Top 10 Best Chicken Reads

Attention all chicken enthusiasts! Do you enjoy reading or learning about chickens? If so please be sure to check out what I call my top 10 chicken reads! I have selected a wide variety of books that cover anything and everything chicken related from identification, health, handling, and raising, showing and even cooking. A few of the books even include information on other poultry such as waterfowl and turkeys. I challenge each one of you to check out at least one book from my list below. Happy reading my fellow chicken lovers!

In my opinion, the number one reference book for anyone who currently raises or plans to raise chickens. This book is filled with charts to help identify common symptoms and causes of infections.

The famous Dummy Books have their own version on how to raise chickens. Kimberley does an outstanding job walking beginners through raising chickens.

The famous author of Fresh Eggs Daily and 5th generation chicken keeper, Lisa Steel shares 101 chicken keeping hacks. Lisa demonstrates how to use recycled products to enhance and improve your chickens’ lives on a budget.

Joel Salatin from Polyface Farms shares his experiences with how to raise pastured poultry. He explains his strategy on how to net $25,000 in 6 months on 20 acres. 

Melissa shares about her finding with the countless hours she has spent observing her flock and talking with other chicken enthusiasts. Melissa covers topics from communication, pecking order, roles in the flock and so much more. A great read for knowledgeable information and humor

This is an extraordinary book that will help you identify all types of poultry from chickens, turkeys, and waterfowl. Carol profiles over 100 feathered species as well as giving you an insight into bird behaviors.

 Are you interested in showing your chickens? Then this book is a must-read! In no time, you will learn helpful tips on how to properly show a chicken and take home the blue ribbon at your fair.

Do you have little ones that love chickens or may be interested in raising them? This book covers a little bit everything from friendliest breeds, daily care, and chicken crafts.

 Having a hard time finding chicken recipes you like on Pinterest? This is a must for anyone who loves to cook and or eat chicken. Enjoy luscious recipes that all about chicken. Be sure to check out one of my favorites Mustard-Spanked Chicken.

Have you ever wanted to build a coop for your chickens or maybe you already have one and want to build another one? John has over 349 illustrations and 10 complete coop plans, to help assist you in your building process. Start building your dream coop today!



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