Giving Stories From You and Your Meyer Meal Maker Chicks

by Meghan H

Published January 21, 2019

You all are the best! We recently asked for your stories about how you give back to your community through our Meyer Meal Maker free chick program and the stories are so encouraging to hear. Here are a few of our favorites.

Jess from our own Meyer Hatchery remote team talks about her Leggy, a white leghorn hen: “Leggy the Leghorn came to our coop as a Meyer Meal Maker, and has been one of favorite chickens we own. The eggs that Leggy lays are donated to local veterans in our area. She has even made a visit or two to the recipients of her eggs.” Leggy is shown with her coopmate in the photo above.

From Instagram, carolinadaisy8 writes “I’m getting my first Meal Maker this April! And I already know 3 people who will be blessed by the eggs…..a widow that lives down the road, a handicapped couple, and a lady at church whose husband is ill. Thank you for the Meal Maker program. It’s a wonderful idea.”

Also from Instagram, urbanbear76 says “we trade for veggies, candles, or to families that need good fresh eggs.”

From Twitter, Mary tells us that “Our meal maker, Angela Faye, is actually one of our best hens! Lays faithfully and loves to be held. Her eggs are enjoyed by many. So much so that people have sworn off grocery store eggs.”  Love that, Mary!

From Facebook, a follower from Lawson, Missouri shares this story: “We let our girls (and guys??) free range and will share our eggs with family, neighbors or anyone in need. We enjoy our birds so much. I know we could sell them, but I really enjoy being able to share what we have. Meyer Hatchery is where I got my Cream Legbars, New Hampshire Reds and Mille Fleurs. Best birds I have.”

Also from a Facebook follower: “I have gotten lucky 2x in a row with a hen from the Meyer’s meal maker program. The eggs in the store here are $2/doz and so that’s what I sell them at as well. We have 10 hens and we still have about 12-15 dozen extra every month so we donate them to the food pantry in our area. Everybody there is thrilled to get fresh eggs.”

And one more from a Facebook user: “No, thank you. Because of your Meyer Meal Makers we donate up to 10 dozen eggs to a local homeless shelter and/or the local church for the elderly who do not get around. SO Thank You for this program!!!”

We LOVE hearing your stories about how you and your Meyer Meal Maker chicks are giving back to your local communities. Do you want to share your Meyer Meal Maker story? Chat with us in the popup or send us an email and tell us about it!

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