DYI Chicken-Themed Ornaments

by Jess N

Published December 17, 2018

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Now is the time of year to make some fun ornaments to not only display on your favorite tree, but share with your friends, and family as a great present.  Learn how to make 3 chicken-themed ornaments with simple supplies.

Salt Dough Chicken Footprint Ornament Meyer Hatchery Meyer Makes

Salt Dough Chicken Print

Materials Needed:  2 cups of flour, 1 cup salt, ¾ cup hot water, mason jar lids (wide or regular mouth), straw, string for hanging your ornament, sealant spray.

  1. Mix your flour and salt with the hot water.  Start to mix the mixture until it forms a dough.  You don’t want the dough to be too sticky, or too dry.  You can add some flour to keep your ornament from being sticky.
  2. Next, roll out your ornament “dough” until it is about ¼” thick.
  3. Now take a mason jar lid, and cut circles into your dough.
  4. Then place your circles into the mason jar lid.  This makes a “holder” when you are getting a print from your chicken.
  5. Take your salt dough cutouts out to your chickens.  To make the print, gently wipe off your chicken’s foot, and push into the mold.  You want to make sure you get a good print into the salt dough. Also at this time, you can use the straw to put a hole into your ornament.  This makes it easier to add a hanger later on. Make sure the hanger is down at least ½” from the top of your ornament.
  6. Bring your “chicken prints” inside to dry overnight.
  7. The next day put your ornaments in the oven at 200 degrees for about 3 hours.  You want to make sure your ornaments are completely dry before decorating.
  8. Decorate your ornaments how ever you would like.  Some suggestions are to fill the “print” with some glue and sprinkle in some glitter.  You can use some acrylic paint to paint your prints.
  9. After you are all done decorating, give your ornaments a good spray with some clear sealer to preserve your creations for years to come.
  10. Lastly, add your string for a hanger and don’t forget to put the date on the back of your ornament!  
Ornaments with feathers inside poultry ornaments Meyer Hatchery crafts

Feather Ornament

Materials Needed:  Feathers (great use for those molt feathers), glass or plastic ornament.

  1. To make this ornament start by first taking the top off your glass or plastic ornament.  
  2. Next gently push the feathers into the ornament.  
  3. After you are done filling up your ornament, carefully put the top back on your ornament.  (you can glue the top onto your ornament, but is not required)
Felt Coil Chick Ornament Meyer Hatchery diy christmas craft

Felt Coil Ornament

Materials Needed:  3 strips of felt ½” wide by 8” long (the color of your chicken), 2 chicken “wings” cut of our the same color felt (you want the wings to be around 1 ½” in size), scrap pieces of red and orange felt, scissors, tacky glue, thread, needle, eyes for your chicken (googly eyes work great, smaller in size).  

  1. Take one of your strips and coil it up, glue the end.  
  2. Next, take another strip of felt, and wrap around the first coil, continue to make it bigger.  Glue the end, completing your chicken’s body.
  3. Using the final strip, make a coil as above, this will be your chicken’s head.
  4. Now glue the chicken’s “head” to its “body.
  5. Using your scrap pieces of red and orange felt, cut out a beak, and comb for your chicken.  Glue those onto your chicken ornament.
  6. You can now add the wings to your chicken ornament, line up the wings to cover the center of the ornament.
  7. Add some eyes to your chicken ornament, one on each side of your chicken’s head.  
  8. Allow your ornament to dry overnight.  
  9. Lastly, add a hanger to the top of your ornament.  You can take a needle and thread and draw a hanger through the top of your chicken’s head.  

Watch as Jess shows in this video tutorial on how to make these ornaments.

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