Crazy Chicken Lady Starter Kit Buying Guide

I think at one time or another, every crazy chicken lady was once an onlooker, wondering what all of the hype over chickens is about. Perhaps it started with an innocent desire to have fresh eggs in one’s own backyard, or an interest in a unique pet. But eventually many of us cannot stop at just a “few” chickens. Once we learn that chickens can provide so much more than eggs, our need to add more to our flock and talk about chickens constantly grows stronger and stronger. Before you know it you’re known as the “crazy chicken lady”. People say it like it’s a bad thing.

If you are a PROUD crazy chicken lady, I think you are going to find this starter kit buying guide most helpful.

tshirts rolled (1)

Meyer Hatchery t-shirts are available online and in our store!

Let’s start with the uniform that every chicken lover must have, a t-shirt from your favorite hatchery! These t-shirts are so incredibly soft you’ll find yourself wanting to wear one day and night. You will also want to add the Acme Egg Mash Feed tote to complete your ensemble and make toting around your gear more convenient (and fashionable). This sturdy tote features real leather handles and bottom panel for a rustic touch you’ll adore. Once you are dressed in your t-shirt and tote in hand, there is one more thing you will need in order to face the day, and that is an egg apron. Spend more time with your flock and less time cleaning broken eggs out of your pockets by using one of these adorable aprons, available in two styles.

purse poop charms (1)

The Acme Feed Tote can stash your Chicken Poop lip balm and charms!

This Farmhouse Cotton Tea Towels set pays respect to a variety of barnyard friends and is loved by crazy and regular chicken people alike.

tea towels (1)

Super cute tea towels

Next, I would recommend stocking up on a couple of tubes of Chicken Poop Lip Balm. While “regular” folks might turn up their nose at the idea of intentionally putting anything called chicken poop near their face, a crazy chicken lady does not think twice. These come in several delicious flavors such as mint, coconut, as well as an outdoors version. Despite the name, they actually contain no poop.

Spoil your feathered friends with a day at the spa by sprinkling this Nesting Box Blend where they lay your breakfast. After that, you can treat them to a high protein snack they will love you for, mealworms! These are not only a delicious treat for your flock but they are great to give this time of year to help them through their molt. Lastly, why use any ol’ plain leg band to identify your ladies (and gents), when you can make it fancy with Chicken Charms? After all, your chickens are not regular chickens. As a crazy chicken lady, you don’t even need a reason to use these other than the fact that your chickens deserve to feel pretty (although they are just as functional as they are pleasing to the eye).apron mealworms nesting box blend (1)

At the end of the day, you will want to grab your favorite mug before kicking up your feet and watching the chickens peck the ground.mug (1)

Always remember, be sure to listen to Henrietta when she tells you, “You are not the crazy one!”  Happy Shopping!

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