Stoney Ridge Farmer Gets a Tour of Meyer Hatchery

by Meghan H

Published October 29, 2018

Meyer Hatchery recently welcomed Josh the Stoney Ridge Farmer for a behind-the-scenes tour of the hatchery. The tour starts with our owner, Karen Meyer and a look at how our setting machines operate to incubate the eggs that hatch all of the chicks. After the eggs are incubated for 18 days, they then move into the hatcher, where the eggs will spend 3 days while the chicks inside make their final preparation for their hatch.

Meyer Hatchery has an innovative water reclamation system to save and recycle the water used to clean the hatching equipment. Learn more about how the water is recycled and used in other areas of the hatchery as Karen discusses it in the video of the tour.

Then Stoney Ridge Farmer visits the Meyer Hatchery packing floor where Josh and Meghan pack a customer’s order. From April 1 through November 30, Meyer Hatchery can ship as few as 3 chicks and you can mix the different breeds to reach that minimum. This flexibility means that you get to pick and choose the exact flock of your dreams!

Stoney Ridge Farmer also takes a peek at the retail store in Polk, OH. We have a vast amount of gifts, poultry supplies, processing supplies, and feed; including the hard to find non soy-based feed. And don’t forget to take a look in the chick bin, where we have baby chicks for sale at a great price while they last.

It’s worth the drive to come out and visit our store at Polk, OH. Thanks to Josh the Stoney Ridge Farmer for coming out for a visit!

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