Meyer Makes: Fall Molt Feather Wreath

by Jess N

Published October 15, 2018

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Fall is here!  It is time for your chickens to do their fall molt.  What to do with all those feathers?  Follow our instructions below to make a beautiful Fall Molt Feather Wreath of your own!

Materials Needed:


Prep Your Feathers:

If you would like to clean your feathers rinse them in a bowl of warm water and a drop of Dawn dish detergent.  Next, give the feathers an additional rinse in a bowl of clean warm water. Let your feathers sit out to dry. Give them a shake to fluff them back up.

To make your wreath:  
  1. Cut a 6” piece of wire and secure to the top of your wreath to make a hanger.
  2. Add your favorite bow (if you would like) to your wreath.
  3. Start to place your feathers around the wreath.  Using the grapevine wreath you can gently push the feathers into place, and they normally stay in place.  If you need helping holding the feathers in place, you can use a good tacky glue to glue your feathers in place.
  4. Fill up your wreath with feathers, and find a new home for your beautiful creation!

Happy Fall!

Fall Molt Chicken Wreath DIY Craft Chicken Project Meyer Hatchery

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