Meyer Hatchery’s Fall Table Buying Guide

It’s that time of the year when summer has given way to fall leaves, crisp air, and everything pumpkin. The chickens are molting and you’re starting to have nightmares about keeping their waterers from freezing solid in just a few short weeks. But before it’s time to think about Santa coming through the nesting boxes, we have Thanksgiving to think about. Whether you plan to host family on the 4th Thursday of next month or you’ll be traveling over the river and through the woods, chances are that you like to add a little rustic decor to your home- and the Thanksgiving season is the perfect excuse to stock up on some more of it. Here is a list of items that I think any poultry lover would be thrilled to display this fall:

Crossroads Candles “Warm Brownie”
You don’t have to get any bowls dirty to fill your home with the intoxicating scent of brownies. Each of the Crossroads candles feature beautiful artwork that adds a nice touch to your table, along with the beautiful scents.sign candle and turkey sandp (1)

Turkey Stoneware Salt and Pepper Shakers
If you have a big family gathering like I do for the holiday, you’ll need a few sets of these gorgeous salt and pepper shakers on your fall table.

Stoneware Chicken Plates (set of 4)
Serve your guests on a plate decorated with their favorite chicken breed! These sturdy plates hold so much food, you might not even have to go back for seconds! They’d even work great as a serving platter for tasty treats like cookies, crackers and cheese, or sweet bread.

Chicken Drinking Glasses (set of 4)
Matching our stoneware chicken plates, these glasses are the perfect size for kids or for after dinner hot cocoa, cider, or egg fall table 2 (1)

Enameled Rooster Tea Infuser
Impress your guests with these bedazzled tea infusers. They’re great for using year round, too!blog fall table 5

Fancy Poultry Table Runner
This table runner is one of my favorite items. The chambray material is a neutral staple that will match most any dining room decor.

Love Lives Here Sign
Add some subtle chicken chic decor to your home with this charming chicken wire backed sign that let’s your guest know “love lives here.”

Chicken Cotton Oven Mitt
Don’t be caught red-handed on Thanksgiving day handling hot dishes. Our cotton oven mitts are not only functional, they’re cute! Perfect for serving anything from sweet potato casserole to that farm-to-table blog mitt and spoons (1)

Enameled Rooster Measuring Spoons
As if the enameled rooster wasn’t cute enough, each spoon itself features a beautiful etched farm scene. You will want to show off this set of measuring spoons every chance you get.

Black Raspberry Jam
Perhaps you’re not hosting guests this fall but rather you will be a guest yourself. Wouldn’t it be sweet to give a gift like this black raspberry jam to your hosts and hostesses? It is simple, portable, and delicious!

I hope that you have as much fun as I did picking out items to spruce up your home this fall. Enjoy!

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