Using the Incredible Egg Washer Kit: Clean Eggs Sell!

Keeping Eggs Clean

When you own a backyard flock, Chicken Math happens and you may find yourself with more eggs than your family can consume. When that happens, you start to consider selling those extra eggs, and before you know it, you have a little side business of selling your farm fresh eggs. Let’s discuss ways to ensure those eggs are as sparkling clean as they possibly can be. 

The best way to make sure that your eggs are clean is to keep those nest boxes as clean as possible. If you use straw in your nest boxes, you will need to change it out as the straw becomes soiled. If hens are allowed to sleep in the nesting boxes at night, their droppings will soil the boxes even faster. You may need to train them to the roost by removing them from the box and placing them on the roost. If they persist, some nesting boxes have a perch that can swing up at night to block the entrance to the box. If your nesting boxes are homemade, you may be able to design your own swing-up perch to help deter the hens from sleeping inside.

Egg Washing Kit

I prefer to use the nest box pads or turf nest pads in my nesting boxes instead of straw or wood shavings. Having a pad in the box seems to discourage hens from sleeping in the boxes at night. The pads can also be removed and hosed off easily, keeping the boxes cleaner, which means cleaner eggs.

When eggs do become soiled, you’ll need to find an effective way to clean them. The general recommendation is to wash eggs in warm tap water that is at least 20° F warmer than the temperature of the egg. That means that if your eggs are at the summertime outdoor temperature of 80° F, the wash water should be at least 100° F.

You can certainly use plain hot tap water to wash the eggs, but I have found the Incredible Egg Washer kit to be a much more effective and efficient way to clean the eggs. Since I have a large flock and gather about 60 eggs a day, I was spending about 30 minutes hand washing each egg at my kitchen sink. With the Incredible Egg Washer, I can gather my eggs directly into the included wire basket, put them into the egg washer and then do other tasks while the egg washer cleans the eggs, then come back to perfectly clean eggs that are ready to be rinsed, dried and packaged. Watch our video on how to use the Incredible Egg Washer kit.

If your flock isn’t large enough to warrant the use of an egg washer, I would highly recommend the egg washing powder that is included in the kit and also sold separately. It does a terrific job of getting eggs clean and sanitizes the shell. There are also egg wipes if you only have a few eggs to clean each day and like the quick convenience of a wipe.

How do you clean your eggs? Leave us a comment below and tell us about it!

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