5 Dual Purpose Breeds To Consider

by Jess N

Published August 13, 2018

Dual purpose chickens are a great addition to any flock.  A dual purpose breed is one that lays eggs consistently as well as being a breed that can be a meat provider.  Dual purpose breeds are commonly a heavy breed, and are hardy as well. Here are some excellent dual purpose chicken breeds.

Buff Orpington Day Old Chicks Meyer Hatchery
Black Australorp Meyer Hatchery Day old Chicks
Speckled Sussex Chicken Breed - Meyer Hatchery

Buff Orpingtons are known for their sweet disposition, and excellent egg production.  They are a cold hardy, heavy breed.

Black Australorp chickens are a very hardy breed, and can lay eggs in various different temperature conditions.  They mature quickly, and are a more quiet breed.

Speckled Sussex are a heavy breed that were developed over a century ago to be good egg layers, and a more heavy breed.  They are excellent foragers, and great for free ranging environments.

Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken Breed - Meyer Hatchery
Silver Laced Wyandotte Day Old Chicks Meyer Hatchery

Silver Laced Wyandottes are a very beautiful, hardy breed.  They are docile and have deep, wide bodies, as well as excellent egg production.

Barred Plymouth Rock chickens are known for their excellent production of brown eggs, and having a meaty body.  They are a docile and hardy breed.

If you have any questions about dual purpose chicken breeds, or any other chicken questions, be sure to Chicken Chat with us on the Meyer Hatchery website.
Happy Chickening!

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