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5 Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Pets

Looking for a chicken breed that would make a great backyard pet? Check out these 5 Best Chicken Breeds for Backyard Pets.
The Buff Orpington is a great dual purpose breed. They are known for their “fluffy” appearance as well as a gentle demeanor. Buff Orpingtons are a heavy breed, with good egg production, and are cold hardy. They are friendly, and affectionate, which makes them a great choice for children.

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History of Meyer Hatchery, Vol 2

1999 was a pivotal time in the Meyer Hatchery story. The business had grown to a size to where it was obvious to the Meyer family that the hatchery was no longer just “mom’s hobby” and there was a demand for a wide range of poultry that was not being met. The business moved to its current location and new commercial incubators were installed.

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