Backyard Eggs Price Trends Across the US

We recently asked our Facebook followers across the United States to give us their feedback regarding how much they sell a dozen chicken eggs for in their area. We also asked them to comment if they were feeding conventional poultry feed, non-GMO or organic feed, or raised their flock exclusively on pasture or forage.  Here’s how the results came blog 6 pack clear carton red basket

First, a surprising number of you only donate your eggs and do not ask for any payment to offset the cost of caring and feeding your flock. Several of you shared comments about how to donate eggs to those in need! We love to hear stories about how our free Meyer Meal Maker chicks are helping you serve your community by providing free eggs. If you would like to see your Meyer Meal Maker story published in an upcoming blog, send us an email to blog basket of chicks

Prices vary across the US, with the Western states trending a higher average price per dozen than the Midwest. The South tended to trend slightly lower than the Midwest.

The Western states averaged about $5 per dozen eggs on conventional feed, with non-GMO and organic fed hens fetching up to $6 per dozen.

The Midwest trends anywhere from about $2.50 to $4 per dozen for conventional eggs and non-GMO and organic fed hens’ eggs sell for around $4-$5 per dozen. There were a few reports of flock owners only getting $1 per dozen for conventional eggs. Every little bit does help offset the feed bill!

Almost everyone must own chickens in the South because prices were anywhere from $1 to $3 per dozen and very few respondents reported prices outside of that range even when feeding non-GMO or organic feed, which were also very few.

mh blog 4x3 carton eggs

Vintage Style egg cartons show off a rainbow of eggs

The mid-Atlantic and New England areas could sometimes fetch $6 a dozen for non-GMO or organic eggs, but the average was closer to $5 for conventional eggs.  Still, a good price!

We hope you enjoyed reading about the results of our informal Facebook survey on current egg prices across the country. It sure does sound like lots of love and care go into raising your happy flocks out there!


  • I guess I missed the survey… Miami, FL & I feed my girls Organic pellets. I get $4 per doz., (but I think I could get $5)


  • I missed the survey also. I live in South Ga. My hens eat non GMO feed and free range. I sell eggs for $3. Doz….I like to cover my feed cost and $3 allows me to do that and allows others the opportunity to afford wonderful eggs. Others sell Non GMO/organic eggs for $4 and $5 at markets it larger towns/cities


  • I missed the survey too. Central FL, organic non gmo feed, and I ask $3/ dozen but could get $4, just usually sell to friends and neighbors.


  • Central NY has a lot of EGGS $2.00/doz. Can’t break even selling at that price if you have cooped layers. City and village residents are at a disadvantage with animal restrictions – not able to open range to save on feed.


    • Nope! You are right, that math doesn’t work out in the positive at that price. I hear of many NY flock owners and farmers that drive into NYC to sell for better prices, but then you must factor in your time and gas.


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