Things You Never Thought You’d Say or Do Until Owning Chickens…


by Meghan H

Published April 23, 2018

One of my favorite early chickening stories is that of my then 4 year old son, Bryce, whom I had just put to bed. A few minutes later I hear the screams and I ran in expecting the worst… “Moooooooooom! Sparkles pooped on my pillow!!!!!” For those of you who do not know who Sparkes is, she was a beautiful Silver Laced Wyandotte, the family favorite. So…. what did I do that I never thought I would before owning chickens? I made the house rule: No chickens in bed!
I asked the awesome Meyer Hatchery chat team for feedback as well and got a lot of great answers I know we can all relate to. Sarah never thought she would clean poop off a chicks butt. Marie never thought she would bathe a turkey. Elise happily gathered eggs in PJs and muckboots. And Jess has the pleasure of rooting around in fun places digging for her eggs.
Our Facebook fans shared some unusual stories as well!

Carrie T. took the cleaning poop off a chicks butt one step further and reminisced about smushing poo balls…. Been there, done that! Tina M. never thought she’d bring a chicken in the house, OR that her husband would play guitar for said chicken…. Now that’s love <3

Eliza S. installed musical instruments for her chickens and Caryn S. makes hers warm oatmeal or scrambled eggs for breakfast on cold winter mornings. They need a “My Human Makes Me Breakfast” t-shirt. Michele H. was quick to point out that, while she won’t shovel her own driveway, the chickens get the special treatment when it snows to that they will venture from their coop!
Nikki Q. shared one of Facebook games where you type XXXX and then your middle button to finish the sentence and came up with Han Solo smuggled my chicken…. You try that one for fun, how many of you got something poultry related also? 🙂

… and for the fun of it, let’s add a chicken selfie to the list, as I took one special for this blog post.

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