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What To Look For in Determining Gender in Young Chickens

Many times, the presence or absence of crowing is the first indication that you may have a rooster. But did you know that occasionally a hen can crow? It’s true! A hen can mimic a rooster’s crowing, especially if there is not a rooster present and a dominant hen decides she will be the flock leader. For this reason, even the witness of a crow is not a 100% certain way to determine if a chicken is a rooster or a hen.

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How to Dye Eggs with Natural Ingredients

To make your egg dye: add 4 tablespoons of white vinegar, 1 teaspoon of salt and your natural ingredients, to a quart mason jar. Next add some boiling water to fill up your mason jar. Repeat with every jar. Allow your jars to sit 12-24 hours. After you have let your jar sit, use a strainer and drain the mason jar, reserving the liquid. Note, when draining the turmeric use a fine mesh strainer.

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