The Benefits of Raising Female White Cornish Cross Broilers

by Meghan H

Published February 2, 2018

Many of you already know about how quick and easy the Jumbo White Cornish Cross broilers are to raise. In fact, I wrote about my experience in raising them here in Successfully Raising the Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broiler For Your Table.
For this coming season, I have chosen to raise female white broilers instead of strictly males or straight run (a mix of both males and females) for a couple of reasons.

1. Growth Rate and Processed Weight

Probably the biggest reason for me is that the females will grow at a slightly slower rate of gain and finish out at a smaller processed weight than the males. I sell our broilers directly to local consumers. Their feedback and the consensus is that a 2.5-4 pound bird is what they prefer.

Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broiler Meyer Hatchery

2. Temperament

The second reason I choose to raise female broilers is to avoid any rough-housing in the chicken tractor. Male broilers can get a bit dominant with each other during the final 2 weeks or so. Females tend to be more laid-back and I hope to avoid any behavior issues this coming season. I haven’t had any major issues with the males injuring each other, but things do tend to get heated at feeding times. My observation from raising a batch of straight run broilers last summer was that the females did not tend to rush me as I fed them, and there was less aggression at the feeder by the female birds as compared to the males. Since I raise my broilers in movable tractors, good behavior is a plus.

I hope you would consider trying a batch of female Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broilers for your freezer and dinner plate. Hopefully, you will enjoy the slightly slower pace and calmer disposition by raising only female broilers. Have you raised female broilers? If so, leave us a comment and let us know your experience!

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