Turn Feed Bags Into Reusable Shopping Bags

by Jess N

Published January 22, 2018

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Do you have a lot of Meyer Hatchery feed bags laying around? Why not turn those feed bags into reusable shopping bags. Watch our video to learn how to make your own shopping bag!

Supplies needed:
How To:
  1. Wash your feed bags with warm water and soap. You want to get the dust and grease out of your feed bags. Hang your feed bags up to dry on your clothesline. 
  2. Next cut out your bag. Leaving the sides uncut, cut the top and bottom off of your feedbag to get your desired bag size using your pinking shears. A little tip is to pick your favorite design on the bag and leave about 3-4” below and above the design. Cut off any extra. 
  3. After you have cut our your bag, turn your bag inside out. 
  4. When your bag is inside out, fold the top edge down to make a nice finished edge. 
  5. Also, cut out 2 – 3”x 3” squares at the bottom corners of your bag. This will make a “gusset” or the sides of your bag, and the bottom. 
  6. Next stitch around the top of your bag, as well as the bottom of the bag, not including the square you cut out. 
  7. To sew your square cutouts, grab the opposite edges of the square and pull until you have a straight line. Stitch along that straight line. Do the same to both of the cutouts.  You will notice you know have a big, sturdy bottom to your bag now. 
  8. After you have trimmed all the extra strings off, go ahead and turn your bag right side out.
  9. Lastly, you need to add some handles. Using the pieces you cut off your bag in the beginning cut strips that are about 5-6” in width. The length is up to you, depending on how long you want your handles. Fold the strap piece in half and crease it. Then fold the edges into the center of your strip, and fold again until you have a flat piece. Stitch along the long sides of your strap on both edges. 
  10. Finally, secure your straps to your bag as 3 inches in from the edge of your bag, and along the top.  

Happy crafting!

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