What Exactly Is an Easter Egger Chicken?

For 2017, the Easter Egger made the #1 spot of chickens sold by Meyer Hatchery for the entire year. It is an extremely popular breed for several reasons. They are a good layer of large-sized eggs, which are primarily green but can also sometimes be blue, brown, creamy white or even pink. They are quiet and gentle and do great with children. Easter Eggers are usually happy with some confinement but are also good at foraging. They come in a wide variety of feather colors making it a guessing game as to what your little chick may look like as an adult.

Easter Eggers are not a recognized breed so you will not find them listed in the APA Standard of Perfection. They are descendants of the Ameraucana and the Araucana breeds but have been crossed with many other breeds to give us that great color variety of both feathers and eggs. Many Easter Eggers have slate colored legs and tufts and muffs around the head, which comes from their Ameraucana roots. Occasionally an Easter Egger can be rumpless and this trait is from the Araucana ancestors. Because of their mixed ancestry, Easter Egger chicks can be difficult to distinguish from other breeds until they are a few months old. The combs on Easter Eggers are usually a rose comb, but other comb types are possible.

EE chicks

Easter Egger chicks

It’s important to note that although the Easter Egger has the genetic potential to lay any color of egg, once a young pullet begins to lay, she will lay that same egg color for her life. So if she begins to lay and gives you a brown egg, she won’t suddenly lay a blue egg the next day and then a green egg the next. Genetics do not work that way.

EE hen

A young Easter Egger pullet

I think Easter Eggers are a terrific breed and I hope you will consider them if you haven’t yet owned one. If you do own Easter Eggers, tell us about them in the comments below. We love to hear your stories!


  • I have bought half a dozen Easter Eggers from Meyer Hatchery and love them! All six turned out with different colors and lay beautiful eggs! My Easter Egger rooster is beautiful and very nice with the other roosters in the flock. These beauties are definitely one of my favorite chickens breeds. 🙂

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  • I have a few Easter Egger crosses with one of those “fancy All black” chickens with a little black Silkie Roo “Larry” tossed in to the mix….I call them my “Toe Birds” females are solid black medium sized girls with ear muffs and head feathers that stand up like a blue jays head feathers….the feathers stand up on the top of their heads, but are more obvious when the bird is interested or excited….they have big dark eyes, that don’t miss a thing. Very curious birds. Multiple toes and lightly feathered legs. They lay medium size olive green eggs. The males are black with a necklace of golden neck feathers. I’m going to let them set some of their eggs again to see if they are breeding true. They are real characters. I love the personality of them. Busy, friendly, curious, pretty, sweet temperament….and lots of funny toes!


  • MarieN,
    Thanks for the write up on my favorite chickens to have. Presently have 20 hens and 1 roo. All are what I call Easter Eggers. While they may not be the best layers to own for production, we own them for eggs for our use, way more eggs than two people want to eat. Sell a few, give away a few to folks who are on limited income.
    I didn’t buy my chicks from Meyer Hatchery, found some locally to replace my older hens, which were also Easter Eggers. Now that I have a rooster again I will probably fill the incubator in the spring, start a new flock since I usually do not get 2 full years out of a flock before they cease to lay and just become something to feed.
    After that flock is done, I may try some chicks from Meyer. Long wanted to buy one of those Araucana breed roosters to cross with Easter Eggers. Love the blue eggs in the nest boxes. I get some blue, mostly greenish eggs but almost all layers or giving green eggs now. Green eggs and ham!


  • I have 2 Easter Egger hens one black and one white, got them from a lady who had bought them as chicks fromyall. They are at least 2 years old and both lay a pale greenish blue egg about 3 times a week. I also got a rooster from her and he is the best flock protector we have ever had. Plan to set some eggs and buy some more chicks this year.


    • Hi Mary! Thank you for sharing about your Easter Eggers! I’m totally in love with both my black and my white Easter Egger roosters and find them to be excellent guardians for my hens. I agree that they are the best roosters I’ve ever owned.


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