Meyer Hatchery Top 10 Breeds of 2017

by Meghan H

Published December 25, 2017

Having a hard time deciding which chicks to start your flock with?  Looking to add to an existing flock and not sure which breeds would work best?  Here is a list of Meyer Hatchery’s Top 10 Selling Chicken Breeds to help you decide.

Easter Egger Meyer Hatchery
Speckled Sussex Meyer Hatchery

Easter Egger chickens are very popular with kids.  These chickens are family friendly and will lay colorful eggs ranging from olive green to turquoise blue, and occasionally rose or brown.  Easter Egger chickens are also known for the variety in their feather colors.  Easter Eggers are good layers, cold hardy, and are active/friendly.

Speckled Sussex chickens are a great dual purpose bird.  They lay brown eggs, and are excellent foragers, which is good for free-ranging options.  Speckled Sussex chickens are known to be good mothers, and tend to go broody.  Speckled Sussex are very good layers, cold hardy, and have a calm personality.

Jumbo White Cornish Cross Meyer Hatchery
Rhode Island Red Meyer Hatchery

The Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broiler is an excellent meat bird.  These meat chickens are ready to process in 7-9 weeks.  The Jumbo White Cornish Cross Broiler is the same bird you find in your local grocery store, but nothing is better than raising your own quality meat birds.

The Rhode Island Red chickens are a popular dual-purpose breed that is a familiar standby in many chicken coops. As the name suggests, this breed was developed in Rhode Island, and is the state’s official bird! Rhode Island Red hens are calm and are among the best layers for a heavy breed. Hens can lay around 200-250 large brown eggs annually, but rarely brood, so you’ll have to find someone else to sit.

Barred Plymouth Rock Meyer Hatchery
Silver Laced Wyandotte Meyer Hatchery

Barred Plymouth Rock chickens are an old-time favorite brown egg layer as well as a popular dual-purpose breed. The Plymouth Rock breed is very friendly and does well in cold weather. Plymouth Rock Chickens have high egg production, a meaty body, a docile personality, and good hardiness; all characteristics that are desired in a great flock.

Silver Laced Wyandotte chickens were named after the Native American tribe of Wendat and are known as one of the most beautiful breeds. Wyandotte chickens are deep and wide-bodied birds, are docile and good brown egg layers. They mature quickly and are a great dual-purpose option.

Golden Laced Wyandotte Meyer Hatchery
Buff Orpington Meyer Hatchery

Golden Laced Wyandotte Chickens have beautiful golden feathers with black edging, making this color one of the most coveted of the Wyandottes. They are extremely cold hardy and sport a tight rose comb. You can expect a calm and friendly disposition as well as lots of brown eggs from these chickens. They also make a superb meat bird.

Buff Orpington chickens are a popular dual-purpose variety known for their fluffy feathers, excellent mothering skills, and sweet disposition. Buff Orpingtons mature moderately early and are good layers of brown eggs. They are also cold hardy and very broody, making them a great choice for the backyard homestead.

Black australop Meyer Hatchery
Welsummer Meyer Hatchery

Black Australorp chickens are a popular producer of large brown eggs and are known for their heat and cold hardiness and persistence in laying- especially in hot weather. They can lay up to 250 eggs annually and will lay into winter. Australorps mature early and are docile, quiet birds, which makes them great for handling and for children.

Welsummers are known for their dark reddish-brown speckled eggs. They adapt well to any environment and are excellent foragers. You can expect around 180+ of these beautiful eggs per year. Welsummers are cold tolerant and have a friendly personality.  

Hopefully, this guide of the Top 10 breeds helps you decide which chicks to add to your flock.  Make sure to place your orders for Spring 2018 early at  Happy Chickening!

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