Make A Chicken Wreath For Your Home

by Jess N

Published December 19, 2017

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The holidays are here and it is time for creating gifts for your friends, and family. Learn how to make this easy chicken wreath from pine tree branches, and items you probably have around your house.

Materials needed:

  • Wire clothes hanger
  • floral wire (24 gauge)
  • floral wire (16 gauge)
  • fresh pine branches
  • floral tape
  • red and orange felt pieces
  • ribbon
  • gloves (optional)
  • scissors
  • wire cutters
  • pruning shears
Chicken Shaped Door Wreath Craft Meyer Hatchery

How To Make A Chicken Wreath: 

  1. After you gather your supplies, take your wire hanger and form the hanger in the shape of a chicken. You may find out that when you form the “head” you might run out of wire. Use a piece of 16 gauge wire to finish making the beak and head.
  2. When your form is complete, cover the entire form with floral tape.  
  3. Next, using your pine pieces and 24 gauge wire, fill in your wreath by securing the pine pieces to your form. Make sure to wrap the end of each of your pine pieces with the wire starting at the head of your “chicken” and working your way back to the tail. Add your pieces in a way that they look like chicken feathers, laying on top of each other.  
  4. After you are finished filling in your pieces, it’s time decorate your wreath. Add a ribbon around the neck, a red comb and beak. You can also add a hanger for your wreath at this time, and any other decorations to make your wreath even more special.

Happy crafting!

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