Order Chicks in the Winter? The Advantages of Ordering Your Chicks Early

by Jess N

Published November 13, 2017

Are you dreaming of adding to your flock? Got a colorful egg layer in mind, or how about giving some meat birds a try? Planning and ordering early will help you achieve the flock of your dreams. At Meyer Hatchery you can order chicks all year round, but it is always a good idea to order your chicks early, and here is why.

Ordering Chicks Early Blog
  • Ordering early will first give you the best selection of breeds. Some breeds are very popular and can sell out quickly. Placing your order early will help you grow your desired flock and getting them exactly when you want them. Check out our availability link now viewable by hatch week.
  • You can order chicks for delivery all year round, but by getting your chicks started early you can have your egg layers ready for laying by Springtime. Imagine all the wonderful eggs in your egg basket in the Spring.
  • Placing your order for your chicks early also gives you time to plan for your new flock. Whether you are adding to your flock or new to owning chickens ordering early gives you a schedule. You will have ample time to set up your brooder and get your coop ready for the new additions. You have already picked out your chicks, and desired hatch date, one task off your list!

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