With the holidays right around the corner, now is the time to make your shopping list and check it twice. This holiday season we can’t forget about our chickens, so we have put together 9 great gift ideas for your chickens.top 10 gifts for chickens meyer hatchery

  1. The Chicken Swing by Fowl Play – Keep boredom at bay with this chicken swing. Great for teaching young birds how to roost, and adult birds will love to swing.
  2. Turf Nest Pad – Give your hens a soft, comfortable place to lay their eggs. The Turf Nest pad is washable too, for easy cleanup.
  3. Mealworm Frenzy – A natural treat for which your chickens will have a frenzy.
  4. Chicken Fun Toy – Fill this toy full of treats and let your chickens’ peck away. This ball releases the treats as your chickens peck at it.top 10 chicken gifts for christmas meyer hatchery
  5. Vet Rx – Vet Rx is a great poultry remedy to have on hand for your chickens. Used for many years, your chickens will thank you for this “gift” for them.
  6. Grubblies Black Soldier Fly Larvae – Chickens love Black Soldier Fly Larvae. They are an excellent source of protein for your chickens and encourage foraging.
  7. Pumpkin Seed Snacks  – These snacks will help you chicken lay delicious eggs, as well as help with their overall health. During the off laying season, the Pumpkin Seed Snacks will help replenish nutrients.
  8. Uncle Jimmy’s Pecken Recker – Keep your chickens entertained as well as encourage their pecking instincts.
  9. Original Foragecake Supplement – Your chickens will love the Foragecake. It is packed with nutrients for your chickens and encourage them to forage!top 10 chicken gifts for christmas meyer hatchery2

Happy Shopping!