Meyer Meal Maker… What is it? 

If you’ve ever placed an order of chicks with Meyer Hatchery, In 2011 we launched our Meyer Meal Maker program and it’s been a huge success so far. Not sure what a Meyer Meal Maker is? Keep reading.

A Meyer Meal Maker is a free baby chick from Meyer Hatchery. We’ll give you the chick so you can raise it to laying or processing age. We ask that you simply donate the eggs or meat produced from that one bird to a local family or charity in need. Whether you order 3 chicks or 300, you can request one of these on every order you place. The same is true for select orders of meat birds! This is just one simple way you and your family can get involved and make a difference in your community. The chick’s breed is hatchery choice, but we send a female layer if you place an order for female layer chicks. With an order of meat birds, we will only send you a meat bird! It’s that easy. (Not all orders qualify for the Meyer Meal Maker program, read here for more details).

How can one chick make such a difference? If you receive an average laying Meyer chick, you’ll be able to donate roughly 182 eggs in one year. That’s over 15 dozen eggs going to hungry people in your community. Remember, you don’t have to find some big, fancy food bank to take your bounty. It could be a neighbor, friend, or family member who benefits from your generosity. Just imagine if you and every other chicken keeper around the world kept one hen for the same purpose.

Why not add one to your order? For those of you who have Our Meal Maker, who have you blessed with eggs or meat? Tell us your experience in the comments section.

Content update 12/28/17

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