Meyer Meal Maker…What is it?

If you’ve ever placed an order of chicks with Meyer Hatchery, In 2011 we launched our Meyer Meal Maker program and it’s been a huge success so far. Not sure what a Meyer Meal Maker is? Keep reading.

Eggs-in blue cartonA Meyer Meal Maker is a free baby chick from Meyer Hatchery. We’ll give you the chick so you can raise it to laying or processing age. We ask that you simply donate the eggs or meat produced from that one bird to a local family or charity in need. Whether you order 3 chicks or 300, you can request a Meyer Meal Maker on every order you place. The same is true for select orders of meat birds! This is just one simple way you and your family can get involved and make a difference in your community. The chick’s breed is hatchery choice, but we send a female layer if you place an order for female layer chicks. With an order of meat birds, we will only send you a meat bird! It’s that easy. (Not all orders qualify for the Meyer Meal Maker program, read here for more details).

Egg box in box on BlueHow can one chick make such a difference? If you receive an average laying Meyer Meal Maker chick, you’ll be able to donate roughly 182 eggs in one year. That’s over 15 dozen eggs going to hungry people in your community. Remember, you don’t have to find some big, fancy food bank to take your bounty. It could be a neighbor, friend, or family member who benefits from your generosity. Just imagine if you and every other chicken keeper around the world kept one hen for the same purpose.

Why not add one to your order? For those of you who have a Meyer Meal Maker, who have you blessed with eggs or meat? Tell us your experience in the comments section.

Content update 12/28/17


  • I have kept laying hens for four years now, all ordered as day-old chicks from Meyer Hatchery. I requested a Meal Maker layer with my second chick order. “Mystery”, my mystery layer chick is a white Leghorn. I have given her eggs (along with eggs from my other hens) to elderly neighbors and to families in the Detroit neighborhood where I teach. All recipients have been impressed by the quality of fresh eggs versus eggs from a store.


  • Our Meyer Meal Maker, named Freebie, is a Rhode Island Red. She’s just a chick now- but we have big plans for her. Her eggs will go to various Community Centers and Soup Kitchens through Faith Feeds, a local organization that gleans to feed the hungry.


  • Our Meyer Meal Maker, is named Sunshine, she is a White Leghorn. She has only missed 5 days of laying eggs since she started August 21. We have given many dozens of eggs away to retired people on a fixed income. The big smile you get is well worth the work and they can’t thank you enough. Thank You Meyer’s for Sunshine, she likes to cause trouble in the hen house, she’s the boss. Hunter, our rooster puts her in her place at times.

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  • My Meyer meal maker is a Rhode Island Red. We have 22 hens and give away all we can’t eat. I have five adult children who take some home whenever they visit, ours neighbors get them, co-workers, and sometimes the veterans where I work get them. I just love it when someone tells me they have never had fresh eggs, I feel the need to gift them with some of mine to try.

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  • I regularly donate to the local food bank. Their warehouse is across the highway from my hens. I’m always sad to hear when people feed their extra eggs back to their hens.

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  • I have 16 new chicks and our mystery meal maker is yet to be determined. It is exciting to eventually find out Who is the Meal Maker. I like giving the eggs to charities, or occasionally our local fire department, EMS service, etc. Everyone likes fresh, free range, home raised eggs and they are so easy! No need to bake a cake at all, just those gorgeous variety of colored eggs from our 9 varieties. Awesome hobby!


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