Sunny-side Up

Finally, a little sunshine! It’s what we’ve been waiting for. Spirits seem lifted and progress on the breeder house is moving right along. In a previous post, we showed the first wall being sided. That left us with three to finish up after the ceilings were wrapped up. Lucky for us the sun was shining on a day that would be spent entirely outdoors.

One would think the longer sides would be the easiest to put on, considering the metal siding sheets would be cut to fit the never-changing height. However, with all the ventilation necessary for our large “coop” there would be what seemed like an endless amount of cuts made by hand, to allow room for the vents…or serious business meetings as pictured below!

Tyvek was rolled out and stapled to the frame of the building in small sections followed by the siding; much like a game of cat and mouse.

Russ knows, you always measure twice and cut once.

Here’s Bob moving down the line.

Not wanting to miss an opportunity to get a picture of the brains and brawn of this major project for the Hatchery, I stopped owner, Karen, along with project leaders, Russ and Bob for a quick photo. Say cheese!

While Russ and Bob got back to work, Karen and I made the trek to the very back of the building. We found the boys had already nearly finished putting up the siding.

Just around the corner, we found John working hard to dry up the very muddy North side of the grounds. By moving the dirt, John allowed the ground to harden just a little making it much easier for the crew to work.

It’s been pretty amazing to watch what was once just a dream, come alive.


  • Oh My!!! That will be beautiful!!! Just what I always wanted and have never been able to do!!


  • I’m glad to see the beginnings of your building! We are getting ready to build a poultry building (16′ X 72′) and I like the idea of the concrete footings. We live on a ranch in south Texas so we have numerous chicken loving creatures out here. A critter-preventive foundation/barrier is essential.


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