Construction on our breeder house is rolling right along. We have a roof over our heads to shield us from the rain at least. The latest addition to the project was putting in the ceiling. We decided on a durable sheet material that comes on a roll.

Installation was quick and sort of funny to watch. Two men held the roll while a third one grabbed a hold of the loose end; He then ran like a chicken from a butcher! This comical technique allowed enough slack for the remaining crew to staple the sheet to the rafters, once detached from the roll.

Off and running!

Square it up.

Time to staple.
Repeat this dozens upon dozens of times until finished. In no time at all, we had a ceiling! Now, to refine it, we had to secure thin strips of material running the opposite way. After a while, it sort of looked like we were throwing a party. Those thin strips, before the excess was cut, appeared like streamers hanging at a birthday bash!