Building A Poultry Breeder House

Maybe you don’t have plans to build a breeding facility capable of housing thousands of chickens, but we do and we’ve already begun the construction process! We have over a dozen breeding facilities over an 80-mile radius (for biosecurity reasons) from the hatchery, for our flocks. That might sound like a lot, but we need more space. Our customers have demanded we offer more breeds year after year. To keep up with your demands we are building a brand spankin’ new, top-of-the-line, state-of-the-art breeder house!

We weren’t able to do a Google search for free breeder house plans, like many of you may have done before building your coop. We met with many experienced people during the planning phases of the project to come up with our current model. The house will be 56′ x 244′, that’s 13,664 square feet! Down the length of the center, we will pour a 6′ concrete walkway with access to each breeder flocks’ area. Accommodations include 400 amp electric service, an in “house” water supply, and plenty of ventilation.

First on the to-do list was to move some dirt! Well, a LOT of dirt, actually. Here is the crew getting the area ready.

Second on the to-do list: Pour 600-foot concrete perimeter. That took 52 yards of concrete!!! The next set of photos shows better than words what it takes to get that job done.

Here is the “mold” to hold the concrete while we wait for it to set up.

It took more than a few cement trucks to fill the walls once the forms were set.

All hands on deck! Each crew member had a specific job following the cement truck on down the line. These guys do this for a living. Can you believe this is a small building in comparison to what they usually do?!

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